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Arts & Humanities

Tidewater Community College’s fine, performing and liberal arts programs offer a rich array of opportunities for artists looking to hone and advance their talents and students hoping to expand their world of knowledge. Customize your education and learn by doing in a collaborative environment with electives and specializations in areas like glassblowing, foreign language, theater arts, music and photography. Build a skill set and professional portfolio that will help you stand out in job interviews or applications to four-year colleges and universities.

American Sign Language

Learn to bridge communication for Deaf people by learning American Sign Language-English Interpretation skills. American Sign Language (ASL) is recognized as a complete, complex language and has been for more than 50 years. Learn more about our American Sign Language program.

Graphic Design

Tidewater Community College’s graphic design programs prepare you for work in a variety of graphic design settings, such as advertising agencies and corporate communications departments, or as a freelance graphic designer. Learn more about our Graphic Design program.


Too often parents and students hear the message that a liberal arts degree has no value in the workplace, but that just isn’t true. TCC’s liberal arts program prepares you for a wide variety of fields: business, the arts, education, and public service – to name a few! Learn more about our Liberal Arts program.


Study beginning and advanced music theory as well as music history under the guidance of faculty who provide a rich, challenging and creative environment. Specialized classrooms, practice rooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for you to hone your skills. Learn more about our Music program.


Tidewater Community College’s studio arts programs offer a rich array of opportunities for artists and students looking to develop and advance their talents and expand their world of knowledge through creative expression. Learn more about our Studio Arts program.

Theatre ARTS

TCC’s Career Studies Certificate in Theatre Arts provides a broad introduction to both performance and technical aspects of theater production. Learn more about our Theatre Arts program.