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Health Professions

New medical technologies, an aging population and a focus on preventive care have put skilled health care workers in-demand. A degree from Tidewater Community College will position you to take advantage of lucrative career opportunities in hospitals, doctors’ offices and labs across the nation. TCC offers fast-paced, rigorous programs with in-depth instruction, state-of-the-art labs and clinical experience. Our high-quality curriculum pays off in high pass rates for national certification exams – and job offers. Learn more at an upcoming Registered Nursing, Practical Nursing or Health Professions Information Sessions.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography icon

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic medical sonographers are a critical part of the health care team. They help clinicians diagnose illnesses using ultrasound to image organs, tissue and blood flow inside the body. Learn more about our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

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Emergency Medical Services

TCC’s EMS program will prepare you to serve on the front lines of health care, working in areas such as hospitals, fire and rescue departments, military, volunteer services, nursing homes, sports organizations, cruise ship lines, and other fields that require emergency services. Learn more about our Emergency Medical Services program.

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Health Information Management

Health Information Management Professionals work behind the healthcare scenes at the intersection of medical science, technology, and business. Learn more about our Health Information Management program.

Health Sciences

This certificate is designed to move students from basic entry-level employment skills to foundational professional skills.
Learn more about our Health Sciences program.

Medical Laboratory Technology icon

Medical Laboratory Technology

Working behind the scenes, you will provide valuable information to physicians as they diagnose, treat and prevent illness. Learn more about our Medical Laboratory Technology program.

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Let Tidewater Community College’s nationally accredited Beazley School of Nursing get you started in one of the most rewarding, in-demand careers in health care. Learn more about our Nursing program.

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TCC’s Practical Nursing Program is for students who aspire to become a licensed practical nurse in only three semesters of study. Learn more about our Nursing program.

Nurse Aide Icon

Nurse Aide

If you’re a compassionate person who enjoys caring for the needs of others, consider Tidewater Community College’s Career Studies Certificate in Nurse Aide. Learn more about our Nurse Aide program.

Occupational Therapy icon

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Tidewater Community College’s nationally accredited occupational therapy assistant program will get you moving — toward a rewarding career. Learn more about our Occupational Therapy Assistants program.

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Pharmacy Technology

Join a rewarding health care field after just two semesters with Tidewater Community College’s pharmacy technician program! Learn more about our Pharmacy Technician program.

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Tidewater Community College’s Career Studies Certificate in Phlebotomy prepares you to become an integral member of the health care team as you learn to: collect, transport, handle, and process blood specimens for analysis; identify and select equipment; and recognize and handle issues such as infection control and contamination. Learn more about our Phlebotomy program.

Physical Therapist Assistant icon

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapy is one of the fastest growing career fields among allied health professions with one of the highest rates of satisfaction. Learn more about our Physical Therapist Assistant program.

Radiography icon


Tidewater Community College’s nationally accredited radiography program prepares you to work with patients of all ages and conditions in settings that range from hospitals to imaging centers to clinics and doctors’ offices, where you will be an integral member of a skilled health care team.  Learn more about our Radiography program.

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Respiratory Therapy

If you have a passion for helping others and want to be in a growing field with a balanced blend of technology and patient interaction, consider becoming a respiratory therapist with TCC’s nationally accredited program.  Learn more about our Respiratory Therapy program.