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43rd Annual Student Art & Design Exhibition award winners

Ivy Garrenton with paintingPresident’s Purchase Award
Ivy Garrenton
“die Quel/e”
Acrylic on canvas

Garrenton describes her work, created for her Painting II class, as a figurative piece. The multimedia design major, who plans to either pursue a master’s of fine arts or work toward a career in design animation, chose not to focus on a specific theme. “Whatever comes out is whatever comes out when people look at it,” she said. “It’s meant to be a meditative piece.”

Cisco Rey with music videoVisual Arts Center Purchase Award
Cisco Rey
“Music Video”

Rey created this personal video, which includes himself, for his Video Techniques class. He set the story to the song “Touch” by daft Punk, and chronicled the nostalgic path of a boy delighted to receive his first Nintendo console growing into an adult preferring a more sophisticated gaming system. The Nintendo unit ends up discarded, reminiscent of the forgotten toys from the film “Toy Story.” “The song was a good platform for the story,” said Rey, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., following a multimedia design path.

Other winners from the 43nd Annual Student Art & Design Exhibition

Jerry’s Artarama Award for Fine Art
Gary Hooper
Oil pastel

Jerry’s Artarama Award for a Master Interpretation
Robert Smith
“After Degas’ ‘Woman Bathing'”
Oil pastel

Vice President’s Award
Janis Benham
Mixed media

Provost’s Awards

Abigail Williams
Wire and branches

Geoffrey Rueff
Headless Mermaid
Glass and wood

David Wright
Pen and ink

Jessica Powers
Hollow Body

John and Karen Kise Award for Graphic Design given in Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Mearl A Kise
Adam Wolfe
Social Awareness Poster
Computer generated

Anonymous Award for Photography
Diane Graham
“Goldie Genevieve”

Director’s Award
Emily Bartelt
“In all chaos, is calculation”
Paper and mixed media

Award of Excellence in Memory of Dr. Samuel Coppage
Benjamin Burton
Animation Demo Reel

Constance J. Coppage Award for Watercolor
Betty Haslett
“Winter Storm”

Jean Peacock & Chrysler Museum of Art Award for Expressive Content
Brian Brown
“Lost Child”

Shelley Brooks & Chrysler Museum of Art Award for Innovation
Bernard Pettiford
Animation Demo Reel

Darrell and Sally Craig Award for Drawing
Britt Skogstad
“When Kids ‘Cook’ Snow Cones”
Colored pencil

Richmond Camera & Portsmouth Museums Award for Photography
Betsy Bryan
“City Lights”

Lynne Hundley Award of Excellence for Mixed Media
Tyler Greenwell
Mixed media

Hartung Gallery Award for Color
Brian Kershasky
“The Line-Up”
Marker and pencil

Awards of Excellence

  • For Photography: Jim Garrison, “Where the Road Ends,” photograph
  • For Painting: Sonya Brown, “Sarah Elizabeth,” oil on canvas
  • For Graphic Design: Cristen Cottrell, “Elite Compound Bow,” computer generated
  • For Glass: Laura Walters, The Rain Lily, glass
  • For Ceramics: Dorinda Renelli, The Birches, clay
  • For 2-D Design/Fundamentals: Dottie French, “Self-Portrait: Texture,” mixed media