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A Head Start for College and Life – Graduates Reflect on Dual Enrollment at TCC

Kimberly Flores-Aguilar

Watching our students officially become Tidewater Community College alumni this time of year and celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends brings us so much pride at TCC. 

Some students are graduating with more than one degree this year.  

Kimberly Flores-Aguilar is a graduating senior at Manor High School in Portsmouth who graduated from TCC this May with her associate degree in science before obtaining her high school diploma.   

Before studying at TCC, Flores-Aguilar watched her older sister take advantage of the dual enrollment program and knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps. She jumped right in her freshman year of high school, taking college classes at the age of 14.  

“Taking honors and AP classes at my high school alongside classes at TCC on campus and online taught me valuable time management skills. As my high school studies became more challenging, my experience at TCC made me a better student,” says Flores-Aguilar, who graduates from high school this June.  

She’ll be back at TCC this summer to earn 12 more credits through the LEAP program before transferring to the University of Virginia this fall to study biology. Her long-term goal is to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist.  

“I’m so hungry and eager to be able to take as many credits as possible,” said Flores-Aguilar, who tells us she took AP biology her sophomore year and became fascinated with healthcare and anatomy. “Getting a head start at TCC helped me grow as a student and an individual.”   

Outside of school, Flores-Aguilar is a cheerleader at Manor High. Her busy routine has made her high school career fly by, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  

“Anyone who can take classes through dual enrollment at TCC should 100% take advantage of it. Don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed. Give yourself time to adjust to your schedule and take classes at a pace that works for you to succeed,” said Flores-Aguilar.  

Beginning this fall, high school students can take dual enrollment TCC classes with adjunct faculty at their high school at no additional cost to the student. This is a first for the program, with dual enrollment classes now available in the high schools of Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach public school districts.  

Yolani Dolmo

Yolani Dolmo is a student at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk and will be graduating from TCC in fall 2024 with her uniform certification in General Studies. After graduation, Dolmo plans to pursue her bachelor’s in computer science, with the goal of becoming an IT expert in the United States Air Force. She took her first computer coding class two years ago, sparking her ambition in the field and a curiosity about how she could apply her passions to the workforce.  

When she’s not studying, Dolmo works part-time as a lifeguard for the city of Norfolk. Balancing a packed schedule as a high schooler hasn’t been easy, but Dolmo says her professors at TCC were always helpful in getting her acclimated to the program.  

“It’s great to get ahead and get that college experience while I’m still in high school,” says Dolmo, who takes a mix of online classes and in-person instruction at Booker T. Washington and on campus at TCC.  

“I would recommend that all students research their options and start getting more involved in their education in high school to become aware of the opportunities they have available,” says Dolmo. “Many students are already excited to go to college and start their careers, and they may not know how to get a head start before college. I’m so glad I challenged myself to advance my knowledge and increase my scholarship opportunities for my undergraduate degree.” 

If you have questions about dual enrollment or would like to learn more about TCC’s available programs, visit