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Classified Association

The Classified Association: 

  • Serves as a voice for the support staff (classified employees & wage staff) of TCC.
  • Exercises the authority of the support staff in college affairs.
  • Addresses college issues affecting the support staff.
  • Contributes in a meaningful way to advancing the college’s mission and goals.
  • Provides a means of regular communication between the support staff, the faculty, and the administration.

Read the constitution

The Classified Association has a Canvas site. All full-time and wage employees are encouraged to join this site for additional information and details that are not found on the Classified Association TCC Webpage. Go to this link, complete the brief request form, and await further instructions. The “accept invitation message” is only sent to your account.

Regular meetings are held the 1st Friday of each month from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Alternative or additional meeting times and locations may be added as need is determined by the Association Chair/Co-Chair. Contact the chair/co-chair for your campus for specific meeting information.

The Classified Assembly on each campus is composed of all full-time classified employees physically located on that campus. Wage employees are encouraged to attend as non-voting members.

The four officers from each of the four Classified Assemblies (chair, vice-chair, secretary, member-at-large) comprise the college-wide Classified Association. The Association membership will elect a chair or co-chairs and a secretary. A staff member will also be appointed as the Professional Development Fund Administrator as the need arises.  The Association Secretary will see that updates are made to the Classified Association webpage, submitting update requests through the proper channels.

The Executive Committee of the Classified Association is composed of the Classified Association officers: Chair, Secretary, and four Vice-Chairs (the chairs of the four Assemblies.)

2022 – 23 Executive Committee

Gia Lawrence, 822-2671

Vice-Chair, Chesapeake:

Vice-Chair, Norfolk, District:
Jennifer Wilkinson, 822-1079

Vice-Chair, Portsmouth:
Barbara Vinson-Ratliff, 822-2137

Vice-Chair, Virginia Beach:
Paula Wood, 822-7166

Debbie Willis, 822-2554

PD Fund Administrator:
Jackie Fernandez, 822-1753

Campus Assemblies Chesapeake

Assembly Chair: Vacant
Assembly Vice-Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Assembly Member-at-Large: Vacant
Assembly Member-at-Large/RAC: Loretta Bingham


Assembly Chair: Jennifer Wilkinson
Assembly Vice-Chair: Stacey Newton
Assembly Secretary: Vacant
Assembly Member-at-Large: Vacant
Assembly Member-at-Large, VAC:Vacant


Assembly Chair: Barbara Vinson-Ratliff
Assembly Vice-Chair: Gia Lawrence
Assembly Secretary: Ellen Langston
Assembly Member-at-Large: Ruthie DeCarmo
Assembly Member-at-Large, Warehouse: Debbie Willis
Assembly Member-at-Large, WFS: Adrian Baker

Virginia Beach

Assembly Chair: Paula Wood
Assembly Vice-Chair: Larissa Reed
Assembly Secretary: Emily Simmons
Assembly Member-at-Large: Roosevelt Gray

Purpose: To recognize a classified staff member who has contributed to advancing the college’s mission and goals. The award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated effective leadership in support of the college’s vision and core values. Both a Support Staff of the Year and a Wage Employee of the Year will be chosen from the complete nomination packets.

2023 Recipients:

  • Classified Staff: Tommy Armstrong

  • Wage Employee: Penny Chase

Learn more about this year’s winners.

Award Criteria
The individual nominated must be a person who significantly contributes to:

  1. Shaping and advancing the college’s mission and goal;
  2. Promoting excellence in service, performance, and innovations, and;
  3. Supporting the efficient and effective operations of the college.

All full-time and wage employees, as designated by the TCC Office of Human Resources, are qualified for nomination. Any full-time classified staff, wage staff, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, or administrator may nominate a colleague.

Nomination Process:
A call for nominations is sent to the college community by email Jan/Feb of each year.

A nomination packet should include a letter by the nominator and at least two letters of support by others. Letters of recommendation from any full-time and part-time administrator, faculty, staff, or student that can attest based on this first-hand knowledge, the nominee’s fulfillment of the award criteria shown above are acceptable. Each recommendation letter should be no more than 2 pages. A fillable form will be provided in the “call for nominations” email.

Deadline and submission:
The deadline and the submission email address will be provided within the email sent to the college community when the nomination process is open. Please pay careful attention to this deadline to ensure acceptance of your nominee’s packet.

Once you have completed your form, be sure to save it under a new name, .pdf format is recommended.

Suggestion: StaffAward_yr_Name of Nominee_Your Last Name. (This will help streamline the organization and review process.)

Example: StaffAward_2020_Elizabeth Taylor_Bradley

When submitting your information through email, copy/paste to include the following subject line: Staff of the Year Award Nominee. (This is to help prevent lost emails!)

Human Resources will verify employment. The Classified Association Officers, or a committee designated by them, will review all nominees and select the recipients who best meet the qualifications as demonstrated by the submitted documentation.

The recipients are recognized during an Awards and Recognition ceremony held during the College Convocation each August.

Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2022: FT Classified: Brad Hooker
    Wage: Alice Robinson
  • 2021: FT Classified: Nancy Jones
    Wage: Daniel Owens
  • 2020: FT Classified: Stephen Cartwright
    Wage: Landes Canaday-Remson
  • 2019: FT Classified: Mary Beth Apperson
    Wage: Pinkey Brown
  • 2018: FT Classified: Rhonda D’Amore
    Wage: Steffan Watts
  • 2017: FT Classified: Karen Grunow
  • 2016: FT Classified: Estelle Bussey
    Wage: Holly Desteli
  • 2015: FT Classified: Toni Dixon
  • 2014: FT Classified: Sarah Swager
  • 2013: FT Classified: Stephanie Martinez
  • 2012: FT Classified: Margaret Dutton

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