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Freedom of Speech

At Tidewater Community College, the free exchange of ideas, diversity of expression and freedom of inquiry are respected and sustained. TCC is committed to supporting the exercise of constitutionally protected expression in our facilities and on our property while maintaining the safe, effective and efficient operation of the college.

TCC has established policies governing the use of its facilities and property in order to focus on its mission, create a safe environment and maintain its campuses and centers. [See Policy 1106: Expressive Activity and Policy 3204: Use of College Facilities by External Entities]

The use of college facilities and property must

  • not interfere with the safe, effective and efficient conduct of the college’s academic and business functions;
  • not interfere with the rights of other individuals; and
  • be safe for participants and not generate security issues.


You may report an incident of disruption of constitutionally protected speech (including, but not limited to distribution of literature or public speaking under the College’s Expressive Activity policy) in the following ways:

  • Make a report to a campus security officer.
  • Report by phone to the college’s Director of Public Safety: 757-822-1783

For public safety incidents that require an emergency response, dial 911.

Reported incidents of disrupted protected speech will be linked from this page.