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Career Studies Certificate

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Learn from native-signing deaf faculty in interactive classroom settings

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Learn to communicate using American Sign Language (ASL), the native and natural language of the Deaf community. ASL uses handshapes, movement, facial expressions and body movements to convey complex meanings, intentions and ideas.

ASL is a visual language, so you will learn to comprehend language with your eyes and be able to communicate directly with deaf and hard of hearing people. You will also gain an understanding about the history and culture of the American Deaf community.

ASL has existed for 200 years, but has only been recognized by linguists as a fully natural language for about 50 years. The Modern Language Association cites ASL as the third most popular second language among high school and college students and fourth most widely used language in the United States.

TCC’s career studies certificate includes instruction in ASL I-IV.

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Apply all your credits from this program toward TCC's Associate of Applied Science in English Interpretation.

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What does this program cost?

TCC's Career Studies Certificate in American Sign Language consists of 2 semesters of part-time study, with classes held mainly on the Chesapeake Campus. 

Estimated Program Cost*:
28 credits x $185.35 per credit = $5,189.80 (not including textbooks and supplies)
*Based on Fall 2018 in-state tuition. Your actual cost may differ.

Where can you go?

Credits you earn in this career studies certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science in ASL-English Interpretation. Or you can pursue work in social work, vocational rehabilitation, early intervention, audiology labs or educational settings.

In addition, learning ASL opens doors of communication with family members, friends and colleagues who are deaf or hard of hearing and use ASL.

Is this program for you?

Yes, if you: 

  • enjoy foreign languages
  • would like to work within the Deaf community
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Just 28 credits! Complete this program in as few as 2 semesters.

Classes are offered on the Chesapeake Campus and online

Learn by observing and interacting with the Deaf community

Program spotlight

Communicating with gestures, visuals and handshapes


American Sign Language the catalyst for change for TCC alumna


William Wood teaches an ASL special effects class at TCC