Past MLK Honorees at TCC

Since its inception in 1998, TCC’s Martin Luther King Jr. Recognition Program has provided an opportunity to reflect upon Dr. King’s legacy and its profound effect on American life. It has also served as an occasion to honor individuals whose lives best exemplify Dr. King’s visionary philosophy.


Community Distinguished Service Award:
Monica Brothers and Tony Brothers, founders of the Still Hope Foundation

College Distinguished Service Award: 
Shana L. Haines, assistant professor of English, Portsmouth Campus

Scholarship: Elisabeth Richardson


Community Distinguished Service Award:  Ruth T. Jones, executive director of the YWCA South Hampton Roads

College Distinguished Service Award: Thomas H. Lee, coordinator for faculty professional development

Scholarship: Bryan J. Hurdle

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Community Distinguished Service Award: William E. Ward, professor emeritus at Norfolk State University and former mayor of Chesapeake

College Distinguished Service Award: Ivory J. Warren, program head of Human Services on TCC's Norfolk Campus

Scholarship: Tatiana Britt

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Rev. Kirk T. Houston, Founder and Senior Pastor of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church

College Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Michelle W. Woodhouse, Provost, TCC Portsmouth Campus

Scholarship: Antonina Pashchuk

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Maurice A. Jones, President and Publisher of The Virginian-Pilot

College Distinguished Service Award: Wendy D. Buie, Counselor, Virginia Beach Campus

Scholarship: Stacy Lynn Dunbar

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Edith G. White, President and CEO of the Urban League of Hampton Roads

College Distinguished Service Award: Emanuel Chestnut, Jr., Veterans Affairs counselor, Virginia Beach Campus

Scholarship: Wendy Sullivan

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Gary T. McCollum, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cox Communications, Inc., of Hampton Roads and Roanoke

College Distinguished Service Award: Ann P. Ambrose, Dean of Business Public Services and Technologies, Portsmouth Campus

Scholarship: Sam E. Lang

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Samuel F. Coppage Jr., Associate Professor of Information Technology at Old Dominion University

College Distinguished Service Award: Haroleen Ray, Dean of Student Services, Portsmouth Campus

Scholarship: Jason Elliott

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Gilbert T. Bland, Chairman of Tymark Enterprises and Tabansi, LLC

College Distinguished Service Award: Cynthia H. Hunter, Coordinator of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs, Chesapeake Campus

Scholarship: Madlyn Baez

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Dr. James W. Holley III, former mayor of Portsmouth

College Distinguished Service Award: Ives E. Clark, Professor of Administrative Support Technology and Coordinator of Student Employment Services, Virginia Beach Campus

Scholarship: Byron Morgan

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Hugo A. Owens Sr. DDS, former vice mayor of Chesapeake

College Distinguished Service Award: Monica L. Terry, Administrative Assistant, Portsmouth Campus

Scholarship: Billie J. Norris

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Dr. John O. Simpson, retired superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools

College Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Quintin Bullock, Provost, Norfolk Campus

Scholarship: Ruth Yvette Woods

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Community Distinguished Service Award: Edward L. Hamm Jr., Director of the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise

College Distinguished Service Award: Pearline P. Harmon, Reference Librarian, Virginia Beach Campus

Scholarship: Shirley G. Rentas

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Distinguished Service Award Recipients Prior To 2004
  • Ann Woolford-Singh
  • Janice Sims Johnson
  • Horace S. Savage Jr.
  • Harrietta J. Eley
  • The Rev. Joseph N. Green, Jr.
  • Corinne D. Jones
  • Cecilia T. Tucker
  • Valarie J. Evans