Toyota Technician Training and Education Network at TCC

Earn a paycheck, a degree and industry credentials with Toyota T-TEN

TCC student Ryan Wright, working at Checkered Flag Toyota in Virginia Beach, plans to "move on up" after he finishes the T-TEN program.

Highly trained, experienced auto technicians are always in demand at Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Virginia and northeast North Carolina.

Toyota Technician Training and Education Network (T-TEN) program prepares you for a career as an automotive technician servicing Toyota and Lexus vehicles at authorized dealerships.

This program is a partnership between Tidewater Community College and Toyota Motor Corporation. As a student, you’ll receive specialized, hands-on training while earning an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology.

Program overview

T-TEN students learn on the same tools and equipment used by automotive techs at Toyota and Lexus dealerships, and they train on Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Toyota T-TTEN logoThe program follows the rigorous National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation's (NATEF) curriculum and guidelines, along with Toyota-created training materials, shop manuals and online reference tools.

TCC instructors in T-TEN are ASE-certified Master Technicians specializing in advanced Toyota technology.

All automotive classes are held at TCC’s Regional Automotive Center (RAC), a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Chesapeake. In addition, students receive hands-on training at sponsoring dealerships. General academic courses are offered at all TCC campuses and online.

This program is a two-year cooperative education program leading to an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology. Students spend sessions in class and in a sponsoring Toyota or Lexus dealership. The T-TEN program provides students with the fundamental skills to succeed in the workplace with valuable hands-on experience.

Get paid while you learn

Best of all, T-TEN’s paid cooperative education courses are completed through a local sponsoring Toyota or Lexus dealership. You’ll gain a paycheck along with real-world experience that gives you a strong competitive advantage in the job market when you graduate.

Integrated skills

As you progress through the curriculum you’ll learn about major automobile components and systems including brakes, suspension, emissions, transmissions, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, powertrains, and engine management systems. You’ll develop skills in automotive diagnostics, tune-ups and repairs.

Students also develop an understanding of automotive service business principles as they apply to the service technician. During your cooperative education, you will work with a master technician and further develop skills in service technology.

Along with your degree, you will earn valuable industry credentials.

Residency program

Students from outside Hampton Roads can participate in T-TEN through the residency program.

Once a student has secured a sponsoring dealer in his or her home area, the student attends classes at the RAC while staying in local housing. The student will complete cooperative classes at the home dealership.

TCC has negotiated rates with local hotels and apartments for students.

How to apply & get help paying for college

To apply for T-TEN, follow the process for admission to TCC. Next, contact Fred Cole, Toyota T-TEN instructor, at 757-822-5070 or

Scholarships and financial aid are available. The program is eligible for the GI Bill®.

Career opportunities

After graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, T-TEN students can continue to pursue their careers as automotive technicians at their sponsoring dealership or elsewhere.

Hampton Roads sponsoring dealerships

  • Casey Toyota, Williamsburg
  • Charles Barker Lexus, Newport News
  • Charles Barker Lexus, Virginia Beach
  • Charles Barker Toyota, Virginia Beach
  • Checkered Flag Toyota, Virginia Beach
  • Elizabeth City Toyota, Elizabeth City, N.C.
  • First Team Toyota, Chesapeake
  • Gloucester Toyota, Gloucester
  • Pearson Toyota, Newport News 
  • Priority Toyota Greenbrier, Chesapeake
  • Priority Toyota Hampton, Hampton

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