ITT Tech to TCC

If your education was disrupted by the closure of ITT Tech, Tidewater Community College might be able to help

The shutdown of ITT Technical Institute’s Norfolk Campus affected more than 500 current students and an untold number of past students who haven’t completed their degree programs.

If you are one of them, Tidewater Community College has a special team of academic advisors, financial aid experts and veterans education benefits experts standing by to help you find your way forward.

What you should do

  1. Apply for admission to TCC. The application is free and can be completed online in minutes. Applying does not obligate you to attend TCC. It creates a student email account that will help us communicate securely with you. 
  2. Apply for federal financial aid through the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA), if you haven’t already. Whether you are creating a FAFSA or amending an existing one, be sure to include TCC’s school code: 003712. We will provide assistance if you need it. 
  3. Gather any academic records you have from ITT Tech, including an official or unofficial transcript, course syllabi and course descriptions (if available), or even a list of courses you’ve taken.

    ITT Tech has an information page for former students containing course catalogs and syllabi.
  4. Military-related students: Obtain your (or your sponsor's) DD-214 and VA Certificate of Eligibility, if you were using Veterans Education benefits.

    Veterans will need the COMBO Report of their Joint Services Transcript (JST).
  5. Call or email to get assistance from a TCC representative.

We will work with you

You may have read that some colleges are not accepting students’ transfer credits from ITT Tech.

That’s not the case at TCC. We have accepted ITT Tech credits in the past, and we will evaluate your unique situation and help you arrive at a transfer scenario that works for you.

TCC uses alternate ways of awarding college credit besides through traditional academics.

For example, you could receive college credit for experiential learning – from your job or an internship. Standardized tests, such as the CLEP, CEEB or DANTES, could also be a source of college credit.

In addition, you could demonstrate subject-matter competency through a challenge examination, developed, administered and evaluated by TCC faculty.

TCC also awards credit for applicable armed service school experiences, non-collegiate institutions, and earned professional certifications and licenses.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions. See the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if we’ve answered yours.

father and son standing next to each other wearing TCC student IDs
From ITT Tech to TCC without a hitch

Father and son displaced by closure of for-profit college loving new home at TCC.

Read their story


What TCC is doing

TCC’s administration is coordinating with Virginia higher education agencies to obtain as much information about ITT Tech and its students as possible, to facilitate your exploration of educational options.

Other resources

The U.S. Department of Education has established a website with helpful FAQs. Visit the website

For military-related students, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides information about the impact of ITT’s closure on GI Bill® funding. Learn more

ITT Tech has launched a new, streamlined website with student FAQs and information on how to request a transcript.

They have also posted all course syllabi and catalogs.


Does TCC offer the same programs as ITT Tech?

TCC offers academic programs in many of the same disciplines as ITT Tech, including:

This doesn’t mean, however, that your ITT Tech credits will transfer seamlessly. You may need to document experiential learning or take a challenge exam to demonstrate subject-matter knowledge.

What if I’m in a program you don’t offer?

It’s possible that your academic and career goals would be best served by obtaining an industry-approved certificate through TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions.

For example, while TCC doesn’t offer an academic program in Project Management, you can still become a Certified Project Manager (PMP) through Workforce Solutions.

We’ll evaluate those options with you as well.

How soon can I start attending classes at TCC?

We'll help you enroll as quickly as possible. The 16-week Spring session begins January 9, which doesn't leave much time to iron out your details. The Spring 12-week, 8-week and dynamic sessions, which have later start dates, are open for registration.
View TCC's academic calendar

I was using the GI Bill® with ITT Tech. How do I transfer it?

In order to use your GI Bill® benefits at TCC, complete VA Form 22-1995 - Change of Place or Program. We do not need Part III Direct Deposit filled out, as VA already has that information. Also, on the second page you need to sign the form. This form is also available at TCC VA Offices on each campus.

Also, you will need your most recent Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 (member copy #4). Consult the VA’s GI Bill ® website for more information.

I was receiving the Pell Grant at ITT Tech. Am I still eligible?

First, Go into your 2016-2017 FAFSA at and add TCC’s school code (003712).

Second, you will need to apply for admission to TCC. There is no fee to apply or obligation to attend when you complete our application for admission.
Apply to TCC here

Where can I get details about loan forgiveness?

Consult this federal student aid web page about loan forgiveness. You will find the loan forgiveness information about half way down that page.

Will my credits from ITT Tech transfer?

We follow the same rules for all students. TCC is taking action to help students who suddenly find themselves without their college. We will review transcripts from ITT Tech students individually. The review takes into consideration the classes completed at ITT Tech, grades received, and the program a student plans to pursue at TCC.

We encourage you to speak with an advisor about your curriculum plan at TCC and discuss your previous course work at ITT Tech if you believe some of your course work may transfer.

You can visit a campus advising office Monday and Tuesday 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. or Wednesday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

View campus advising office locations 

If you can’t come to a campus, you can email an advisor at

If you are military-related, visit the Center for Military and Veterans Education (CMVE) at any one of our campuses.

View CMVE locations