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Skilled Trades Academy

Train for a job at the Skilled Trades Academy in just weeks

Maybe you’ve heard about the training gap. There are more job openings than there are trained people to fill them. If you’re looking for a career or promotion in the trades, the TCC Skilled Trades Academy is here to help.

This new learning center offers hands-on, state-of-the-art instruction on the latest industry tools and equipment.

High-Tech, Hands On & Short-Term

Skilled trades refer to a collective group of skilled labor jobs that require specialized training. These trades often require training over the course of time leading to expertise in specific areas. You’ll receive a hands-on education from day one to start you on your way to mastering a chosen skill.

The Skilled Trades Academy provides short-term training for in-demand jobs in:

  • Maritime Trades like marine coating, pipefitting, and welding
  • Manufacturing Trades like sheet metal
  • Industrial Trades like pipe laying
  • Construction Trades like roofing, framing, and electrical

Prepare for immediate employment in the skilled trades in as few as three weeks. And TCC partners with local and regional employers ensures our students are prepared for immediate job placement and pre-apprenticeship opportunities. And expertise in trades is always in demand.

Training that works for working students

Whether you’re a seasoned worker looking for a promotion or a high school graduate just starting out, TCC can help. The academy offers day, evening and weekend programs on a flexible schedule with your goals in mind.

Plus, you might be able to apply your skills and knowledge toward one of TCC’s degree programs!