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Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy on the Virginia Beach campus gives TCC students opportunities to build the necessary personal and professional skills they need to serve as leaders.

The Academy curriculum is presented over the course of one academic year, starting in the fall semester. There are 4 major topics covered, with 2 lectures per topic. The curriculum includes events such as a movie series and workshops on leadership-related topics. Students are required to attend all lectures, as well as well 3 events, to complete the Academy. One of the required events is a volunteer service activity organized by TCC.

Lectures will take place on the second Tuesday of every month from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the Virginia Beach Campus. The movie series and practical workshops are scheduled on varying dates and times to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

Student Leadership Academy Curriculum


Lecture topic: What is Leadership?
Activity: Lincoln (movie)


Lecture topic:  Leadership Styles
Activity: Complete a leadership profile


Lecture topic: Getting to Know Yourself
Activity: In the Pursuit of Happiness (movie)


Lecture topic: Assessing Your Personality
Activity: volunteer service activity (mandatory)


Lecture topic: What Is Success?
Activity: The Blind Side (movie)


Lecture topic: Goal Setting
Activity: Resume Building (workshop)


Lecture topic: Interpersonal Communication
Activity: Hidden Figures (movie)


Lecture topic: Networking
Activity: Etiquette/Business Attire (workshop)


Graduation Dinner

Committee Members

Marilyn Hodge, Dean of Student Services
Andrea Palmisano, Associate Professor of Psychology
Patricia Seeger, Veterinary Program Faculty 
Tiffani Pope, Library Specialist 
Batanya Gipson, Interim Executive Director CMVE