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Create a peaceful, productive study space

A home office

Learning at home can be fraught with distractions.  With remote learning in full swing, make sure your study space works for you.

Jennifer Hopkins, Interior Design program head at Tidewater Community College, offers these tips to create a peaceful, productive corner in your world.

“During this extraordinary time, we are spending more time at home and our spaces need to be functional and comfortable,” she said.

Here’s how:

  • Find a work space away from the chaos of daily life and commit to honoring your school schedule (if possible) so you can succeed. This may take help from family members who also want to see you achieve.
  • If you do school work during the day, find a location that has good natural light and/or a view. It takes hours focused on technology to learn online, so nice lighting will prevent strain and provide a break from screen time. 
  • Many students enjoy music in the background to help block distractions, create a sense of calm and remain on task. Studies show that classical music remains the No. 1 choice for productivity. But your music should work for you, whether it’s Mozart or Drake.
  • Arrange your work area to prevent glare while still providing plenty of light. Desk lamps should be placed on the left side for a right-handed person so paperwork isn’t shaded by the working hand. Left-handed people should do the opposite.
  • If young children are in the home, make sure you put all school work away between sessions to prevent curious or sticky hands from wandering too close!
  • Fully clean or declutter your space each evening to make your routine less stressful the next day. Put something beautiful near you such as a plant, flowers or favorite photo.