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Juneteenth Closure

TCC will be closed Wednesday, June 19, in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.

Criminal Justice professor encourages students to follow their dreams

Professor Antonio Passaro

Antonio “Tony” Passaro Jr. spent the first fifteen years of his career working as a State Trooper. He was later assigned to high-tech computer crimes for the Virginia State Police.

Today he is the Criminal Justice program head and professor on the Norfolk Campus.

“I enjoyed my time in law enforcement, but I like what I’m doing now because I get to encourage students to engage in a life of learning,” Passaro said.

“Learning is a choice and it is my goal to mold aspiring minds,” he added.

Passaro says his passion for criminal justice and law enforcement stems from his extensive training and police background, and his education. He holds a master’s in criminal justice with an emphasis in management and planning.

Professor Tony Passaro with students on Norfolk Campus.

To get students interested in the subjects he’s teaching, Passaro conducts mock scenarios and gets students to answer pertinent questions. “I encourage them to think critically about what we’re learning and then share their conclusions. This creates a great dialogue in the classroom and that’s what students will ultimately remember,” Passaro said.

The Criminal Justice program is offered on all four of TCC’s campuses, and beginning this fall it will be offered online. “Working with faculty on the other campuses is definitely a highlight,” he said.

To remain pertinent on the curriculum he is teaching, Passaro does plenty of research. “In the classroom we look at everything from controversial issues like the legalization of marijuana, to the ever changing traffic laws,” he said. “I tell my students that knowledge is power and the more you know, the better prepared you will be for your future department.”

“In every class I teach, I encourage students to go beyond their comfort zones and expand their critical thinking to help them become better investigators,” Passaro said. “I want them to find work they love and not let anyone stand in their way, and believe by faith that everything will work out.”

In his free time Passaro uses his investigative experience to act in true crime shows on the Investigative Discovery channel, making appearances in “Wicked Attraction” and “Ice Cold Killers.” “These shows are very realistic and it’s enjoyable to be on set playing an investigator,” he said.

Passaro also enjoys paddle boarding, long boarding, basketball, working out and running.