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“Don’t let a temporary situation derail your long-term plans”

Still on the fence about attending college during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Fall classes start at Tidewater Community College on Aug. 24. There’s still time to enroll.

Business Professor Linda Williams offers her thoughts on why community college is an ideal option during these uncertain times.

Q.        Why TCC?

A.         TCC delivers an educational experience that is every bit as high quality as the four-year school. So, with many universities going to online learning, taking away the on-campus experience, you only have instruction left. Why pay $30,000 to sit in your dorm room and learn online when you can come to community college and get the same education for a quarter of the price? TCC will put you in a better place financially.

Q.        Are there benefits of online learning?

A.         I can appreciate a certain amount of apprehension about online learning, but online education is the best preparation you can have for your future. This is a skill that is going to be extremely marketable when you get out of school.

The world has discovered during COVID-19 that people are effective and efficient when they telework. I don’t think corporate America is ever going back to big buildings full of people. Why would they pay rent, electric and other expenses to house all of their employees when they can cut expenses by having some work from home? Some preliminary data from Business News Daily shows that those who telework typically work longer hours, amounting to 1.4 more productive workdays per month.

Q.        What if I’m unsure about my major?

A.         If you are exploring career paths, it makes sense to study different subjects at community college. Why pay large tuition bills to later discover that the path ahead is not a fit for you? Also, TCC has academic advisors on every campus to help you plan your journey.

Q.        What is some fresh advice for students?

A.         Engage! When I teach my “live” online courses, I spend the first few minutes of class checking in with students and giving them a chance to express how they are feeling. During these uncertain times, it’s important to have people around you – even if it’s virtually. I always tell students to not let a temporary situation derail your long-term plans. If you were planning to go to college and launch yourself into the next phase of life, do it now.

About Professor Williams

Williams hosts a dynamic YouTube channel with dozens of instructional videos, which have received more than 850,000 views from people around the globe. She uses everyday concepts, including flip flops and a basket of bulldog puppies, to teach finance and statistics. Williams enjoys teaching for those lightbulb moments. “I love hearing from my students that they were able to complete a mathematical process or learn a new theory after watching one of my videos,” she said. “It makes it all worthwhile.”

Williams has taught at TCC’s since 2009. She has owned several businesses and worked as an industry consultant for some large firms from Sara Lee to DuPont to the U.S. Coast Guard.