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Drawing success in advanced rendering

Behind-the-scenes in Advanced Rendering and Presentation (IDS 217).

Inside the classroom: With classical music playing quietly in the background, students transform architectural drawings and other images into colorful renderings. Students learn how to sketch artist portrayals of images, determining how much detail to add and what to leave out. The technique involves taking an original drawing, turning it into a red-line sketch and adding just the right amount of black lines, with colors for shading and emphasis.

Student voice: “Taking this class in the summer allows me to take my time and go at my own pace. I’ve really learned how to focus on the technique we are learning to make images pop with shadows and color. Once we learn this, we can pretty much draw anything.” – Rachel Feasler

Why this class sizzles: “We’re teaching students how to render, just as they will have to do for so many real-world applications. In the summer, when students are not involved in as many classes, they come in early and stay late, and really learn the technique. This is an amazing in-demand skill to master.” – Ron Austin, TCC interior design instructor and professional interior designer