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Fabulous Fall Classes: American Regional Cuisine

We’re taking a peek inside the classroom to offer students a sampling of what they might experience. This week we visited a Culinary Arts lab to see learning in progress.
woman in chef's uniform prepares food
Decora Hines

Inside the classroom:

Fresh ingredients and dishes from across the United States are featured in this American Regional Cuisine (HRI 207) lab. Student chefs prepare three-course meals in a timed restaurant-style setting. Once the dishes are ready, they are presented to Chef Deanna Freridge, culinary arts faculty, and students for taste testing and grading.

This week, students explored New England fare and prepared dishes including crab cakes, butternut squash soup, Rhode Island Johnny Cakes, New England clam chowder, apple crisp and Indian pudding.

What’s fabulous about this class?

“Students are dedicated to making delicious and beautiful food. America has a beautiful culinary landscape. You can see this play out as flavors and ingredients change as we move across the country.” – Chef Freridge

woman in chef's uniform holds up a dish she prepared
Shaquita Lawrence


Cooking with speed and purpose is key. Be ready to work on a timeline and use proper techniques.

Student voices:

“I love this class because I’m cooking! We’re learning new things and being stretched outside our comfort zones.” – Shaquita Lawrence

“I enjoy exploring different foods and making them fit the American palate. I’m learning flavor profiles and recipes that I can incorporate into my future business.” – James Gay

woman in chef's uniform whisks something in a saucepan
Cynthia Henderson

About the professor:

Freridge is a professional chef who has been creating culinary delights since 1985. She is also the former owner of two catering companies. She has been teaching at the college for a decade.