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Fabulous Fall Classes: Intermediate Russian

We’re taking a peek inside the classroom to offer students a sampling of what they might experience. This week we visited Intermediate Russian taught by Professor Iryna Pugachova, a native of the Ukraine.

Inside the classroom:

A male and female practice dialogue in Russian class
Amanda Newbern and Richard Midgette
work on dialogue.

RUS 202 continues the development of the skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing Russian. It’s a personalized approach to the language, as students break into small groups to hold complete conversations in Russian.

Beginning Russian (RUS 102) is a prerequisite.

What’s fabulous about it:

“My students want to be here,” Pugachova stresses. “Taking Russian is a conscious choice.”

Students who study Russian have a passion for the language and culture rather than pursuing the class to satisfy a language requirement.   


When Professor Pugachova asks if you want to practice with easy or hard dialogues, always go for the tough stuff. She provides plenty of help and encourages her students to reach their potential.

Two students sit side by side at a table in Russian class
Thomas Liedl, left, and Dennis Hribar
focus on written exercises in Russian.

Student voices:

“I grew up in Europe and always wanted to learn Russian,” said Jeremy Bolt. “She’s an awesome professor. She adds a personal spin to the class that makes it more interesting.”

“I’ve never had a class this small before,” said student Richard Midgette. “You get more personalized attention. I think it enhances the learning process. And you get to know everyone.”

“I love the language,” said student Thomas Liedl.

About the professor:

Pugachova is fluent in Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian and English in addition to Russian. She conducted research into Russian syntax and dialogue to earn her doctorate in Russian linguistics from V.Karazin Kharkiv National University. She has taught at TCC for four years.

Russian writing translated to My Future Wife
Students of RUS 202 learn to translate and
pronounce phrases written in Russian.

Do you know how to say Fabulous Fall Class in Russian?