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AAWCC Event Proposal

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  • Guidelines

    1. Committees receive their charge from the Board annually. Each sub-committee is expected to fulfill their charges by working collaboratively with members to ensure alignment with the association’s focus and mission.
    2. Committee chairs must present all activity proposals to the Board during scheduled Board Meetings at least two months in advance of the proposed activity/event.
    3. Board will discuss and vote on the proposed activity/event and prepare for budget considerations during the Board meeting unless further information and/or discussion is necessary.
    4. Board will instruct the sub-committee chair on subsequent steps to coordinate the activity/event i.e. funding, location, guest(s) request.
    5. TCC-AAWCC Chapter President will disseminate information as discussed during the proposal approval process.
    6. TCC-AAWCC Board holds the right to deny any proposal based on justifiable reasoning and discussion.