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Adult Non-Rebreather Evaluation

  • Equipment and Patient Preparation

  • Patient Evaluation

  • Implementation of Procedure

  • Follow-up

  • Demonstrates Knowledge of Fundamental Concepts

  • Clinical Competency Performance Criteria

  • Summary performance evaluation

    Please use the following criteria and select the appropriate pop-up menu.
    Satisfactory - ready for clinical application with minimal supervision. Performed procedure accurately, or was able to correct performance without injury to the patient or decreasing effect of therapy being given.
    Unsatisfactory performance - not ready for clinical application. Requires remediation under one of the following categories
    Minor - Unsatisfactory: Needs to review fundamental concepts or requires re-evaluation of minor deficiency(s) (ex. forgets to wash hands during the Follow-up stage. Must be re-evaluated on this step not the whole procedure).
    Major - Unsatisfactory: Requires additional supervised clinical practice and complete re-evaluation of the procedure
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