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Independent Student Asset Information Form for 2023 – 2024

  • In order to continue processing your financial aid application, you and your spouse (if married) must complete the asset information below and return this signed worksheet to the Financial Aid Office. You and your spouse must complete and submit this form if you chose not to update your federal financial aid application with asset data.

    Do not leave any section blank. If an item does not apply enter "0" in the associated space. The form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office to continue the review process and determine your eligibility for federal student aid.

  • A. Student Information

  • B. Asset Information

  • Enter the dollar amount for the market value of each of the asset types listed below. Market value is the asset's total value minus any debts against it as of the day you completed your financial aid application. Provide an amount for you and your spouse. If the market value is negative or the item does not apply, enter "0" in the associated space.

  • Cash, Savings, and Checking Account Balances

    Enter the amount as of the day your financial aid application was originally filed. Do not enter average monthly balances or student financial aid.
  • Other Real Estate Market Value*, not your primary residence

    Enter the total market value of all real estate, except your primary residence. Include rental property (including a unit within a family home that has its own entrance, kitchen, and bath rented to someone other than a family member), land, and/or second/summer homes and vacation properties.
  • Investment Market Value*

    Enter the total market value of all investments other than retirement accounts. Include items such as trust funds; UGMA and UTMA accounts; money market funds; mutual funds; certificates of deposit; stocks; stock options; bonds; other securities; Coverdell savings accounts (education IRAs); 529 and other college savings plans, the refund value of 529 prepaid education tuition plans for all members of the household (reported as parental investment when student is dependent); installment and land sale contracts (including mortgages held); commodities; precious and strategic metals; etc. Do not include the value of life insurance; retirement accounts (pensions funds, 401k plans, annuities, non-education IRAs, Keogh plans, etc.); UGMA and UTMA accounts for which you are a custodian, not owner; or any cash, savings, or checking accounts already reported above.
  • Business Market Value*

    Only include the value of land, buildings, machinery, equipment, inventories, etc. for a business with over 99 full-time employees. Do not include the value of your home, even if it is part of the business.
  • Investment Farm Market Value*

    Only include the value of the farm if it is not your principal place of residence, and you and your family materially participated in the farming operation. Include the value of the land, buildings, machinery, equipment, livestock, inventories, etc. (This amount is usually indicated by a Schedule F and included on line E of the IRS Form 1040.)
  • C. Certification and Signatures

    Each person signing below certifies that all the information reported on this worksheet is complete, correct, and any additional information is attached. The student MUST sign and date this section. I understand that purposely giving false or misleading information could result in a fine, imprisonment or both as it relates to my reporting information to the U.S. Department of Education.