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Instruction on Providing Course Syllabi for Course Review

  • Syllabi Must Include The Following

    • Topics covered by class meeting (not just course objectives)/ schedule of course content (a calendar) with time spent on topic
    • Name of institution
    • Number of credits the course is worth
    • An official course description (helps determine if the course is for majors or non-majors)
    • Any required co-requisite or pre-requisite courses
    • Grading criteria: what was graded and how much was it worth
    • How many exams, paper assignments, textbooks or readings are required
      • Textbook(s) used with chapters/sections/topics covered (course content)
    • Information about any readings besides the textbook
    • Science courses: presence of a lab component with the kinds of labs done and how much the lab counts; be sure to send both the lecture and the lab syllabus
    • Music courses: how many hours a week, what instrument or voice, individual or class lesson, major/minor/non-major

    If you need to request a course syllabus and no longer have your instructor’s contact information, search the college’s directory online. If you do not remember the instructor or if the instructor is no longer there, search the website for the department chair for the subject for which you need a syllabus, email/call college or university.

  • General Information

  • Institution issuing your Syllabi

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 20 MB.
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