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Pungo Art Contest

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  • The Second Annual TCC VB Pungo Art Contest

    The Pungo Art Contest’s mission is to make connections between the Arts and Humanities at Tidewater Community College and the Virginia Beach community as we extend our learning experience beyond the classroom and bring our talented artists into our academic spaces.

    Our sense of community is being redefined as we seek connection from a distance. What does it look like when we are forced to change our perception of human relationships – with others and with ourselves? How do we change and evolve as we learn and challenge ourselves? How do digital spaces and communities shape who we are? What does it mean to be a student? A parent? A child? A partner?

    This year, we will be exploring interpretations of the fibers of our human connections through the theme: Identity, Selfhood, and Community.

    The contest is open to local amateur artists. We will accept submissions for judging that provide artistic interpretations of our theme in the following medium categories:

    • Photography ($100)
    • Painting/Drawing ($100)
    • Mixed Media ($100)
    • Judge’s Prize ($500) – selected from the media categories

    Submissions must be received by October 1st 2020 to be considered for an award.

    Submission Guidelines

    Contest Entry:
    All entrants must fully complete the Submission Form and include a JPG or PNG of the work being submitted.

    Submissions must be received electronically by 5pm on October 1st for award consideration.

    Physical Submission:
    Submissions should be structured to hang on a wall with standard fasteners. Pieces should be no larger than 3ft x 3ft

    Photography must be framed or printed on stretched canvas.

    Nothing should protrude from the piece (so that no one gets snagged)

    Artists should feel free to explore the subjects, while keeping in mind that they will be displayed in a public college.

    Submissions may be selected for display even if they do not receive an award.


    The artist (and/or the artist’s guardian) understands that, while we will take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all work there is no guarantee against physical loss or damage, as it will be displayed in public hallways. Every effort will be made to return work at the end of the agreed upon exhibition period. This exhibition is not insured.

    A maximum of $800 in awards will be presented including:

    • One $500 Judge’s Choice
    • One $100 Photography
    • One $100 Painting/Drawing
    • One $100 Mixed Media

    State employees are welcome to submit pieces for display, but are ineligible for awards.

    Entrants certify that the works submitted for consideration are their own, original composition and that work does not infringe on copyright(s) held by others. The lender or lender’s authorized agent hereby warrants that she/he is the authorized possessor of the work herein with authority to execute this agreement and that if the work has been copyrighted that no actions herein contemplated by TCC will infringe the copyright.

    Unless declined in writing, it is understood that loaned work may be photographed, telecast and/or reproduced for educational and publicity purposes connected with this exhibition and for illustration in TCC’s publications.

    Artists and their guests will be invited to attend the Art Awards at the TCC VB Community Night in October, 2020. In the event of college closure, the event may be rescheduled for a later date.