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Speaker Application

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  • Would you like to be considered for the opportunity to speak to fellow graduates at TCC’s commencement?

    This is a special opportunity! Student speakers sit with the Platform Party and meet College Board members, TCC leaders and dignitaries. Their speeches are broadcast on the jumbotron and via live stream, and, of course, they live forever on YouTube. A student may highlight this experience on a future resume and list it among honors and awards.

    Do you meet these qualifications?

    • Applicants should have distinguished themselves academically and/or through leadership roles within TCC, their profession or the community.
    • Applicants should have demonstrated the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in a public forum.
    • Applicants will need to prepare a draft of their speech, attend tryouts and agree to be coached by a member of the Public Speaking faculty.
    • Applicants should obtain an endorsement or recommendation from a member of the TCC faculty or staff

    If you are interested, please use this form to apply. Questions, please contact Deborah Wilson at 822-1781 or