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From here to Denmark

Nine Tidewater Community College students will go from here to Denmark as part of the college’s first formal exchange program.

The students whose majors range from social science to early childhood education to nursing will spend a week beginning on Aug. 29 attending classes at Tradium College in Randers with Danish families nearby serving as hosts. The group, which includes TCC business professor Bill Conner, will also take a side trip to Copenhagen before returning to Norfolk on Sept. 13.

“I didn’t think a community college would present this type of opportunity,” said Bounds, an international marketing and finance major who plans to transfer to Old Dominion University next fall. “When TCC offered it, I wanted to be involved on the ground floor. I look at this as a chance to get more involved with my school and get from behind the computer.”

TCC’s Office of Intercultural Learning is sponsoring the trip and providing scholarship money to partially pay for the trip.

“Participating as a TCC exchange student is an immersive social and cultural experience that centers on the Danish education system,” said Jeanne Natali, director of the Office of Intercultural Learning. “Students will fully engage in Danish culture.”

Students John Moore and Juliette Bates will be part of internship opportunities while in Denmark. Moore, an early childhood education major, will observe at various childcare facilities Aalborg, in northwestern Denmark, and Bates, a nursing major who plans to be a cardiac surgeon, will work at a local hospital during the trip.

The additional students attending are Matt Rogers, a business administration major; Brennan Deans, a science major; and Autumn Brooks, Fanmentus Korlison and Sean Folan, all social sciences majors.

The traveling students will have the chance to reciprocate when 19 students from Tradium visit each of TCC’s campuses for an exchange from Sept. 21 until Oct. 6.

Life’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination,” Folan said. “This is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It’s not every day that you get to go to a kingdom.”