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Gabriela Toletti: Professor of Spanish

Gabriela Toletti, professor of Spanish, brings a rich combination of cultural awareness and innovative teaching to the classroom. A native Spanish speaker, Toletti was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her areas of expertise include Hispanic theater, Latin American literature and culture, multi-cultural issues, psychology and study abroad.

Toletti leads a learning community with William Paquette, TCC history professor. Together, they teach Spanish and Latin American history, with an emphasis on the Mayan culture. Toletti and Paquette are working on a study abroad project that will lead students on a journey to Guatemala and Belize. Part of the trip will include visiting Mayan ruins and meeting Mayans of today. Students will explore archeological sites, rainforests, bird sanctuaries and an ancient cave system formerly used for ceremonial purposes. The trip will feature cultural experiences such as Mayan cooking and visiting artisan markets in San Ignacio, as well as seeing the Belizean coast.

An advocate for global awareness, Toletti has led and contributed to TCC’s annual Hispanic Heritage celebration, bringing interesting speakers and activities to the campuses.

Toletti holds a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Uruguay and a degree in teaching English as a second language from Alianza Cultural Uruguay – Estados Unidos de Norteamérica. She received an M.A and Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo.