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Gingerbread wow!

man decorates gingerbread houseTCC Culinary Arts students put their baking skills to the test by creating gingerbread houses that ring in the season and raise funds for Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD).

It all starts with an idea.

Sugar, flour, spices and creative juices flow as gingerbread parts are formed, baked, frosted and decorated.

Pretzel sticks, gumballs, licorice strips, chocolates and peppermints add a festive touch to each edible masterpiece. The results vary from a gingerbread village with a house boat and lighthouse to a seaside retreat on stilts to a toy shop, a church with a steeple and even a colorful bungalow.

culinary student holds up piece of gingerbread house“I took this class because I really wanted to learn the basics, and not just bake out of a box,” said student B. Sydell McNair.

“I chose to make my house pink and sparkly because it’s pretty. I’m happy to do something to help children and be charity-minded,” added student Jennifer James.

The gingerbread houses are the final exam for students in Intro to Baking with Chef Karin Grice. “We encourage students to let their creativity shine with this project,” Grice said. “It’s about taking what we’ve learned and adding that personal touch.”

gingerbread house“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said student Corey Purvis. “I got an idea and just went for it. It’s a great thing we’re doing for a great cause.”

The gingerbread creations will be auctioned by Magnolia Circle of the King’s Daughters to benefit CHKD.

gingerbread house