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Humanities class encourages students to open their minds

Professor Ilaria De Santis
Professor Ilaria De Santis

Behind-the-scenes in Creative Thinking (HUM 246).

Inside the classroom: Is there a God? Should abortion be legal? Do aliens exist? Not every question has a definitive answer, and Professor Ilaria De Santis’ interactive class explores fresh perspectives in critical thinking, encouraging students to open their minds. “Heated” topics include gender equality, bilingual education, moral beliefs — always with respect for different viewpoints.

Student voice: “I like the class because she’s really passionate about the subject.” – Pre-nursing student Yazmin Long

Why this class sizzles: “Students are encouraged to think outside of the box. They receive a list of movies to watch at home and critique in order to enhance their creative/critical thinking skills. And they look ‘sizzling’ happy when they come back to class!” – De Santis