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Important update on Spring Semester

As concerns regarding COVID-19 continue to unfold and activities in our community are changing, I want to inform you of TCC’s current status regarding class cancellations. Governor Ralph Northam on Thursday declared a state of emergency in Virginia and today announced the closure of K-12 schools for two weeks. Because the situation is so fluid, decisions we make today may need to be revisited tomorrow.

This is a stressful time for everyone. Our faculty and staff are our strength. I appreciate the resilience you have demonstrated during this critical time.

Below is a reiteration of the message I sent to you on Wednesday, March 11, as well as the latest updates from the President’s Cabinet. You can expect to see additional communications from the provosts about campus operations and from Dr. Corey McCray regarding classes.

·        All TCC campuses and locations are open. Faculty and staff are expected to report for work, unless otherwise notified. Until we are directed otherwise, we are here to serve our students.

·        In the interest of promoting social distancing, students are asked to not return to campus after Spring Break. They are encouraged to use online and virtual resources so that we may limit the number of people on our campuses. However, if students come on campus seeking assistance, they should be served.

·        TCC classes are still canceled Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17, including online classes. We will monitor the progress of our remote delivery and adjust as needed while ensuring compliance with any federal, state and accreditation regulations.

·        March 16 and 17 will be used to provide opportunities for academic leadership and faculty to prepare TCC classes for remote delivery. Our faculty and deans are making great progress in preparing as many classes as possible for remote delivery.

·        Beginning Wednesday, March 18, TCC classes will resume using remote instructional methods. Remote delivery will continue at least through Wednesday, April 1.

·        I have assurances from the Facilities staff that offices and common areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected over the weekend. If you see something that needs attention, email Matt Baumgarten and Tim Fobbs.

We must all continue to follow good health practices, such as washing our hands. Social distancing has emerged as a recommended strategy for slowing the spread of COVID-19. I urge you to do your best to avoid large groups and stay at least six feet away from others.

Continue to send me your questions and concerns. I assure you that I take them into consideration as we travel through this uncharted territory.


Dr. Marcia Conston
Tidewater Community College