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LaTonya Carraway-Snow: Paying Forward Her G3 Grant with a Life of Service to Others

Photo of LaTonya Carraway-Snow

As a Tidewater Community College student juggling the responsibilities of academics, entrepreneurship, and motherhood, LaTonya Carraway-Snow says it has been immensely challenging for her to make ends meet.

The Hampton Roads resident first enrolled in the culinary arts program at TCC in 2014 but halted her studies to devote herself full-time to her own cleaning company, Crystal Clean, in 2016. After taking a break from school, LaTonya returned to TCC in 2022 to pursue a degree in human services.

Despite the hurdles she faced, including having a felony on her record, LaTonya is determined to graduate and make a positive impact on her community. Receiving the G3 grant for her studies at TCC has made it all possible.

“The incredible support from the G3 grant has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of those I aim to assist through my nonprofit organization, Auntie Advocate,” expressed Carraway-Snow, who founded Auntie Advocate in honor of her nephew Xzavier Hill to provide resources for those affected by gun violence.

G3 at TCC connects students like LaTonya with training and resources to secure jobs in high-demand fields and support their families without the burden of student loan debt. By partnering with our commonwealth, the Virginia Community College System, Virginia businesses, and motivated Virginians, TCC offers options to build a workforce to fill the essential, well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow. TCC offers a variety of programs that “stack” to in-demand degrees and prepare students for high-demand jobs, including professions in public service and safety, cybersecurity, computer science, IT, healthcare, early childhood education, and more. And you don’t need a four-year degree to launch an in-demand career. More than half of these jobs just require an associate degree.

LaTonya is working to obtain her associate in human services and make a lane for Auntie Advocate every place she can, partnering with schools and local businesses to help more families.  She says having the financial support she needed to attend TCC has enabled her to expand her knowledge base as a nonprofit leader and propel her business to the next level.

“The support from TCC and Virginia’s Community Colleges has allowed us to create a positive cycle of help within our community, showing how assistance, when given at the right time, can bring about transformative change for everyone involved,” says LaTonya. “I am deeply thankful for the opportunities and the positive impact that the G3 grant has had on my life and the lives of others.”

If you’re interested in learning more about TCC’s Human Services program, check out how you can get a skill, get a job, and get ahead with no debt through the G3 assistance program.