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Luncheon celebrates TCC scholarship winners and donors

What does a scholarship do for a Tidewater Community College student? Plenty, according to students who spoke April 16 at the TCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Luncheon.
Armando Vega Jr.
Armando Vega Jr.

Armando Vega Jr., who will graduate in May with an Associate of Science in Social Sciences and begin taking classes this summer at the University of Virginia, said a representative of the Educational Foundation had a talk with him about broadening his horizons. He says he got involved at TCC and, thanks to several scholarships, was able to focus on his academics. He also was the recipient of the Valley Protein Fellowship from the Virginia Community College System, one of the VCCS’ most prestigious awards.

“I encourage all of you to contribute and get involved,” he told a roomful of luncheon attendees at the Virginia Beach Campus Student Center. “And please don’t forget to donate to TCC.”

Monika Berry, a Culinary Arts student, saw her dreams hit a detour because of family demands and financial challenges. Through TCC Educational Foundation scholarships, she has been able to continue her education and work toward her dream of opening a bakery.

And Henderson Vaughan, winner of a Visual Arts Center scholarship, is expanding his creativity in a variety of media and planning to publish a comic book, “The Adventure Captain 85,” that he hopes will help young people believe in themselves. He plans to transfer to Norfolk State University or Old Dominion University. “A donor made it possible for me to continue my studies,” he said. And at age 61, he added, “Let no one take your dream away from you.”

The luncheon recognized more than 160 TCC students who received scholarships during the 2013-2014 academic year and thanked the donors who made it possible. “Our donors are a great example of philanthropic effort,” said John D. Padgett, vice chair of the TCC College Board. Supporting college scholarships, he added, “is probably one of the best investments you’ll ever make.”

Alesia Davenport, executive director of the Educational Foundation and director of development, said it’s remarkable just how much impact scholarships have on TCC students. “There are countless stories of lives changed, goals achieved, dreams fulfilled at TCC,” she said. A modest investment of $6,000 supports a TCC student for an entire year including tuition, books and fees.

For information on supporting TCC scholarships, visit or call 757-822-1080.