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Work-Study Program

TCC’s Federal Work-Study program provides jobs to students who demonstrate financial need. Through the FWS program, you can earn money to pay for college while gaining valuable work skills. Like other types of financial aid, eligibility for work-study funds is based on your FAFSA information and meeting the Standards of Satisfactory progress (SAP).


With TCC’s Federal Work-Study program, you can earn money, enhance your employment skills and gain valuable work experience.

A wide range of work-study opportunities are open to TCC students. Most jobs are on TCC campuses, but a few community service opportunities are available at off-campus locations.

Benefits of the Work-Study Program

  • Flexibility: Work-study students work no more than 20 hours per week, and work hours are scheduled around your classes.
  • Location: Most work-study jobs are located right on campus
  • Impact: Many students find work-study jobs related to their academic program or career interests, which helps give them an edge when applying for jobs in their field. Some students use their work-study positions to serve their community.