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Peek inside an early childhood education class

Jeanne Hopkins reads
Jeanne Hopkins reads “The Mitten.”

What: Teaching Art, Music and Movement to Children (CHD 145)

Inside the classroom: Students majoring in Early Childhood Education as well as prospective parents benefit from this interactive class that focuses on children’s exploration, play and creative expression in the areas of art, music and movement. The focus is on engaging children and enhancing their educational experiences using open-ended media representing a range of approaches in creative thinking. Students engage and actual “circle time” and make crafts.

Student voices: “This is the best class I’ve ever taken. It teaches people things they don’t know about children. I’m a big kid myself, so I love it.” – Gina Dale

“It’s fun. We get to engage in actual child-like experiences.” – Kabrina Eaves

Early Childhood Education students enjoy circle time; Valerie Johnson, left, and Gina Dale
Early Childhood Education students enjoy circle time; 
Valerie Johnson, left, and Gina Dale

Why this class is fabulous: “It’s hands-on and active. You move around in this class; it’s not passive. Many of my students are already working in early childhood education, and this class applies to what they do directly on a daily basis.” – Jeanne Hopkins, Program head for Early Childhood Education on the Portsmouth Campus.