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Practicing the art of cold food preparation

Behind-the-scenes in Garde Manger (HRI 145).

Inside the classroom: Garde manger, meaning “keeping to eat” in French, originally referred to a pantry or food storage area. In modern culinary arts, the term refers to the chef who oversees cold food production, including salads and salad dressings, smoked and cured foods, and cold sauces or soups. In the kitchens of Tidewater Community College’s culinary program, students learn garde manger by preparing cold foods and practicing the art of cold food presentation.

Student voices: “In this class you get to be creative and use tools, like channel knives, to make rose flowers and accent vegetables. It’s all about the artistic side, and thinking about colors and taste combinations.” – Jasmine Winn

“We’re learning skills we need for careers in hotels and upscale catering. There’s no doubt that this class is preparing us for the real world.” – Elijah Thelwell

“This class is just plain fun. We’re learning about using diffused oils and vinegars and preparing some creative salads and soups.” – Paul Jacocks

Why this class is sensational: “This class is the culmination of all of the labs in the program, and combines the science and techniques of cooking with the art of culinary presentation. By the time students reach this class, they’ve learned to work together and have built camaraderie. This is important because in this program, as in any commercial kitchen, you’re not working alone, but as part of a well-oiled team.” – Chef Deanna Freridge