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Professors at TCC have ‘real-world experience’

Mike Treadwell IIIName: Mike Treadwell III

Age:  28

Hometown: Gloucester

Degree:  Mike is an apprentice program participant with the marine services division of Oceaneering International Inc., a global provider of engineering services and products primarily to the offshore gas and oil industry. The marine services division provides engineering support and intermediate repair services to the U.S. Navy.

Employment:  Mike is an Army veteran working as an inside machinist for Oceaneering International, Inc. He works full time and takes classes in the evenings. “I’ve always wanted to do this kind of work. Ever since high school metal shop, I’ve had the creative bug to create things. It really is my passion to take raw materials and fabricate parts to be installed on marine vessels and submarines. I absolutely love what I do.”

Why Tidewater Community College: “TCC works for me because of my company’s commitment to this newly launched apprentice program. They partner with the college for the educational side of our training.”

His experience at TCC:  “I like TCC because the instructors are knowledgeable and have real-world experience. They take the time to let students absorb the material and make sure that we meet our full potential. The diversity of locations and college events add to the college experience.”

On the job: “The education offered will lead to my associate degree and hopefully move me into a supervisory role in the company. It’s been exciting to be in the initial group for the apprentice program. It’s the best opportunity I could have asked for this at this stage of my life.”

Advice for other students:  “Come open minded and absorb all you can. Understand that teachers are here to teach, so listen. You have to work to learn, so put in the time.”