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Beazley School of Nursing Outcomes

Aggregated Student Achievement Outcome Data

First-Time Licensure Examination Pass Rates (NCLEX)


Program Completion Rates by Academic Year

56% (150% Completion)77% (150% Completion)54% (100% Completion)

Graduate Employment Rates
Within one year from graduation

licensed graduates
licensed graduates
licensed graduates

Employment information for all graduates was not available for data collection. Of the known graduates who were eligible for employment, 100% were employed.

Updated January 6, 2020

End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

Client-Centered Care: Provide client centered care promoting therapeutic relationships, caring behaviors, and self-determination across the lifespan for diverse populations.

Safety: Practice safe nursing care that minimizes risk of harm across systems and client populations.

Clinical Judgment: Demonstrate nursing judgment through the use of clinical reasoning, the nursing process, and evidence-based practice in the provision of safe, quality care.

Professional Behaviors: Practice professional behaviors that encompass the legal/ethical framework while incorporating self-reflection, leadership and a commitment to recognize the value of life-long learning.

Quality Improvement: Manage client care through quality improvement processes, information technology, and fiscal responsibility to meet client needs and support organizational outcomes.

Collaboration: Demonstrate principles of collaborative practice within the nursing and healthcare teams fostering mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve stated outcomes of care.

Updated January 6, 2020