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Memorial Day Closure

TCC will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.


Make sparks – and a great salary – in this dynamic field

You can master the essentials of major welding processes as well as the technical study of metals with Tidewater Community College’s welding program. TCC’s curriculum will help you gain an understanding of fabrication, welding and repair techniques with hands-on instruction in our high-tech welding labs from instructors who have real experience in the field. Whether you’re a high school graduate with no experience, an entry-level welder who wants to increase your skills or an experienced craftsmen interested in a raise, prepare for success in the field.

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Portsmouth Campus
Certificate - Welding

Our most intensive welding certificate, the curriculum includes classes in English and math in addition to hands-on training in the field with classes that range from oxyfuel welding and cutting to pipe and tube welding. Graduates are trained for employment in environments such as shipyards, utilities, manufacturing, marine, and oil refineries.

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Portsmouth Campus
Career Studies Certificate - Welding

Focusing solely on practical classes that range from oxyfuel welding and cutting to pipe and tube welding, this program provides you with a quick way of learning the fundamentals of welding. Students learn oxyacetylene (gas) welding, arc welding and inert gas-shielded techniques.

The TCC Certified Welder program is a performance-based program with no prerequisite courses or certifications required. Final certification will provide “transferrable” credentials that you may take with you wherever you go.

The TCC Certified Welder program tests welders to procedures used in the structural steel, petroleum pipelines, sheet metal, and chemical refinery welding industries. There is a provision to test to a company-supplied or non-code welding specification. Tests for Certified Welder are performed at AWS Accredited Testing Facilities located throughout the world.

Accredited Test Facilities play an integral part in the operation of the AWS Certified Welding program and have proven that they have the necessary resources to test welders to this nationally recognized and accepted program. Accredited Test Facilities receive valuable recognition: they are listed on the AWS website for those who need to certify welders and are also advertised in the award-winning Welding Journal magazine.

The growing choice for many contractors and fabricators; entrusting welder certification to ATF specialist makes good business sense for contractors and fabricators. Companies are increasingly realizing the shortcomings of self-qualification and switching to AWS Accredited Test Facilities to test and qualify their welders. ATFs help them to save money, improve productivity, and reduce liability by entrusting their welder certification to the experts.

The AWS TCC Certified Welder program allows for welders to obtain multiple certifications to expand their credentials. Every certification that a welder earns increases the number of skills needed to perform a wide range of welding jobs. Welding Students at Tidewater Community College are encouraged to earn certifications during their time at school. Certifications that a welder can obtain through the TCC Certified Welder program include:

  • Steel SMAW 6G Pipe Certification – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
  • Steel SMAW All Position Plate Certification Limited – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
  • Steel FCAW All Position Plate Certification, Limited – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
  • Steel GTAW 6G Pipe Certification – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
  • Steel GTAW All Position Plate Certification, Limited – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code

Welders that want to attain AWS Certified Welder certification must make an appointment with Tidewater Community College AWS-Accredited Testing Facility. This testing facility adheres to strict standards for welder testing and can test welders to AWS Standard Welding Procedures (SWPSs), industry standard specifications and company-supplied or non-code welding specifications.

Is this program for you?

Yes, if you:
  • enjoy working with your hands
  • work well in groups
  • have good hand-eye coordination