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Student Clubs & Organizations

TCC’s student clubs and organizations offer diverse opportunities for you to get involved in your campus and the community. Joining a club or organization can help you make new friends; develop leadership skills; support causes important to you; and put your classroom knowledge to use.

Meet and network with other students, faculty, staff and working professionals who have an interest in various career-related fields.

Art League

Purpose: To expand educational opportunities, to encourage interaction between student artists, to promote creative ideas, art related events and travel, and to advocate for the needs of the TCC art students.
Advisor: Mary Lee Shumate

Advisor: Skye Kidd

Business Club

Purpose: Meet and network with other students who have an interest in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, accounting and economics.
Advisor: Dr. Williams Jenkins

Code Club

Purpose: Promote and nurture knowledge and understanding of programming and coding through practice and mentoring and facilitate fellowship and camaraderie between professors, students, and interested individuals.
Advisor: Jared Oliverio

Computer Club

Purpose: Provide real-world PC repair and desktop support experience for club members interested in the information technology field of study and to facilitate that experience through the refurbishing, repair, and troubleshooting of donated computer systems.
The computer systems are refurbished with the goal of providing them to deserving TCC students through the Computers for Student Success program.
Advisor: Gary Noah

Criminal Justice Organization

Purpose: Provide students opportunities to expand knowledge related to the Criminal Justice field, expose students to the various career paths in Criminal Justice, and provide a forum for interaction between students and representatives for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Attorney groups and other entities tasked with the preservation of the Rule of Law.
Advisor: Kelly Kraynak

Cybersecurity Club

Purpose: Encourage interest in cybersecurity and promote participation in cyber events and competitions.
Advisors: Joel Kirch

Engineering Club

Purpose: To promote knowledge of science and engineering, to promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship among students and instructors, and to provide services when called upon in order to present a good image of the college to the community.
Advisors: Kenny Grimes
William Simmons

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Purpose: Enhance the delivery of quality healthcare by providing skill and leadership opportunities to health science students in the Pharmacy Technician Program.

Occupational Therapy Assistants Club

Purpose: Recognize and encourage active participation in occupational therapy sciences among students attending TCC. The club will strive to further educate and motivate students in the methods, uses, jobs and potential found in occupational therapy. The club will also focus on fellowship among its members.
Advisor: Amanda Leo

Psychology Club (PSI CHI PHI)

Purpose: Promote community outreach and to support TCC’s Psychology department and its students.
Advisor: Andrea Palmisano

Radiography Club

Purpose: Promote the field of Radiography and radiation protection throughout the college and community and to provide fellowship and support to TCC students interested in radiologic sciences.
Advisor: Sara Lewis

Respiratory Therapy Club

Purpose: Recognize and encourage active participation in respiratory sciences among students attending TCC. The club will strive to further educate and motivate students in the methods, uses, jobs and potential found in respiratory medicine. The club will also focus on fellowship among its members.
Advisor: Bridgette Wallace

Science Club

Purpose: Recognize and encourage an active interest in science among students. The members will increase their own knowledge of science by means of field trips, guest speakers, and seminars.
Advisors: Casey Clements


Purpose: Promotes students engaging in learning opportunities and competition with other schools raising awareness of science, technology, engineering and math.
Advisors: Jim Collins

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

Purpose: Mentor the professional development of future nurses and assist in the facilitation of their entrance into the profession of nursing by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.
Advisors: Tiano Ramos

Shirley Greenway

Student Paralegal Association

Purpose: To provide educational and social activities for students interested in the legal profession and to recognize and ecourage interest in the Paralegal Studies Program.
Advisors: Ms. Cynthia Pedigo

Student Physical Therapist Assistants Club

Purpose: Create awareness of the field of physical therapy both within the College and the general community.
Advisors: Melanie Basinger

TCC Student Chapter of the American Welding Society

Purpose: To share welding employment opportunities, skills and techniques as well as offer community assistance.
Marcus Moody


Purpose: To stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarships and by promoting various mathematical activities.
Advisors: Christy Hewett


Purpose: That academic excellence among TCC students be nurtured; that opportunity may be provided for leadership training; that an intellectual climate may be promoted for an interchange of ideas and ideals and that scholars may be imbued with a desire for continuing education.
Advisors: Emily Hartman

Open Door Emerging Leaders

Purpose: To foster leadership development through the Open Door Project.
Advisors: Buffy Ruffin

Student Government Association (SGA)

Purpose: Establish channels of student-faculty-administration communication, to develop campus and college activities, to encourage participation in campus and college life, to develop student responsibilities, and to protect individual and student group freedoms in all areas.
Advisors: Sara Hair (Chesapeake)

Alicia Phillips Peoples (Norfolk)

Charlene Taylor (Portsmouth)

Sarah Lupton (Virginia Beach)

Student Veterans of America (SVA)

Purpose: TCC Student Veterans of America is an organization where TCC military-related students can meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas, engage in service projects and advocate for military related student issues on the campuses.
Advisors: Alesia Wroten

Breakaway Bible Study

Purpose: To provide an environment where interested students can learn the Bible and discover how to apply its teachings to their lives individually, as well as within their communities.
Advisors: Elizabeth Briggs

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Purpose: Establish and advance a community of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord, growing in love for God, God’s Word and God’s people.
Advisors: William Jenkins

Human Services Club

Purpose: Mentor the professional development of future human services professionals and assist in the facilitation of their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.
Advisors: Ivory Warren

Rotaract Club

Purpose: Focus on producing positive, productive individuals and to enhance personal well-being while reaching out to neighboring communities.
Advisors: Ivory Warren

Anime Club

Purpose: Promote the appreciation of ancient and modern Japanese culture primarily through animation and graphic novels; introduce and educate campus to Japanese culture; build positive social interaction and camaraderie among students; foster the spirit of diversity and inclusivity.
Advisors: Ayana Ball

Chess Club

Purpose: To promote social engagement for students. To provide a forum for students and community members to learn and play chess. This will include instruction, tournaments, matches and other forms of chess competition.
Advisors: Mario Scribner

D&D Club

Purpose: To provide creative conflict resolution exercises and promote character and skill growth amongst members. In addition, D&D also helps develop the ability, in its members, to quickly assess situations and resolve them effectively with the tools provided around them.
Advisors: Tyler Flanagan

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

Purpose: To prepare emerging leaders in business by offering students opportunities such as conferences, competitions and projects that help members develop 21st century employment skills.
Advisors: Dr. Karen Jewette

Drama Club

Purpose: To provide students the opportunity to meet fellow students sharing an interest in drama and theater, and to provide a comfortable environment to practice and perform the arts.
Advisors: Sherilynn Castel

Garden Club

Purpose: To foster an appreciation for gardening, develop skills and knowledge for gardening, provide opportunities for leadership and to distribute the harvest of the campus garden to the student body.
Advisors: Staci Forgey

Mary Gable

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Purpose: To provide a safe place for people of the LGBTQ+ community to come together to have a sense of belonging.
Advisors: Matthew Harris

Investment Club

Purpose: To provide its members with the opportunity to increase their financial knowledge, to learn about investing in stocks, as well as various other asset classes, and to have fun while doing it through continuous education, sharing of research, and open dialogue with industry experts.
Advisors: Sean Lacroix

Intercultural Club

Purpose: To promote better friendship, interaction, and understanding among all TCC students through sharing an interest in and an appreciation of different cultures and languages by way of social, cultural, and educational activities on behalf of and for its members.
Advisors:Alicia Phillips Peoples

Trail and Outing Club

Purpose: Introduce TCC students to the positive impacts of local ecosystem preservation while encouraging students to serve the college and community as volunteer ecosystem stewards.
Advisors: Marc Wingette


Purpose: The purpose of the club is to create a competitive gaming community within all campuses of Tidewater Community College.
Advisors: Tyler Flanagan

Find your club and get involved today!

Have questions about starting a student organization or club, promoting upcoming events, or reserving meeting space?


Sara Hair
Coordinator of Student Leadership & Development
Phone: 757-822-5123


Charlene Taylor
Student Leadership Advisor
Phone: 757-822-2270


Alicia Peoples, Associate Director Norfolk Student Center
Phone: 757-822-1979

Virginia Beach

Sarah Lupton-Houston, Co-Director Virginia Beach Student Center
Phone: 757-822-7226