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Students engage in hands-on learning

Behind-the-scenes in College Chemistry 1 (Chem 111).

Chemistry lab experimentInside the classroom: Students heat, mix and measure various compounds to learn about chemical properties and concepts. During this experiment, students at the Norfolk Campus heat Magnesium Sulfate to remove the water from the samples. Once the samples are completely dry, students determine the percent of water in the samples to derive the hydrated formula for the salt – which in chemical terms is MgSO4·7H2O.

Student voice: “I enjoy these hands-on experiences because I’m a visual learner. This is a comfortable place to learn. And best of all, I love this class because it’s getting me one step closer to my nursing degree.” – Jennifer Deguzman

Why this class is fabulous: “The students here are interested in the subject we are studying and engaged in learning. They are willing to work to learn.” – Lorne Dennis, chemistry instructor