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Student Speaker has sights set on the U.S. Senate

Harvey Miller III found success at Tidewater Community College after failing at higher education the first time around. He calls himself the “Comeback Kid” and says that his initial failure was the catalyst for his success today.

“I needed to fail so I had a reason to change,” Harvey said. “I started working at a 7-Eleven, relishing the hard work and taquitos, and saving money so I could realize my dream of returning to school.”

Harvey, 22, is the Speaker for the Graduates for Tidewater Community College’s December Commencement. He is earning an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts with a 3.9 GPA.

“TCC made it easy to start again,” Harvey added. “I was living at home and had my family around me. It definitely helped not being isolated.”

While at TCC, Harvey learned study skills and also how to communicate effectively with his professors. He also found a community and says TCC may be the most diverse college in America with its military-related students and classrooms filled with students of all ages.

“I had a 76-year-old woman in my French class, as well as military veterans sharing their knowledge,” Harvey said. “When you combine all of these different perspectives, you realize that you really are getting a broad education.”

He added, “I came in thinking community college was basic and not a real college. I found out I was wrong. TCC gives you a great education and also so many ways to dive into college life with plays, festivals and clubs.”

Harvey at his office at the City of Chesapeake Department of Elections.

Harvey, a Chesapeake resident, is a member of the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two-year schools. He also holds a full-time job as the assistant registrar for the City of Chesapeake’s Department of Elections, obtained while a student at TCC.

“Working full-time and being a student was challenging, but my professors were committed to my success. If I had to leave class early for work, I could watch the lecture online and keep going. It was those things that made this degree possible.”

Harvey plans to continue his education with a double major in political science and English and creative writing at Old Dominion University or William and Mary. He is also considering law school.

Harvey dreams about one day making a difference as a United States Senator. He says he may never have had the chance without the fresh start he got at TCC. “People thinking about starting at TCC