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Yes, fall classes started but you can still register through Aug. 31

Yikes! Fall classes started at Tidewater Community College, and you forgot to register.

Relax. There’s still time to enroll in 16-week classes that started on Aug. 24, but get moving! The deadline is Monday, Aug. 31.

Here’s how to get started. Apply to TCC. There is no application fee; just make sure you have an email address to verify your application. You can also visit this page to learn how to get started at the college. 

Next, fill out the FAFSA for financial aid. If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll likely need an alternate form of payment upfront. If you qualify for financial aid, you will still be able to apply those funds to fall classes. But because of the time crunch, you might have to pay and wait for reimbursement. In that case, consider signing up for TCC’s payment plan.

Next, determine course readiness. As a new student, you can register for the English and math courses most appropriate to your program of study. Complete the appropriate questionnaire to determine placement.

After completing the questionnaire, you will be able to meet with an academic advisor who will help you select the appropriate courses.

All that will be left is for you to sign up for classes with the help of one of our advisors and you’re on your way! You can get virtual support registering for classes. Remember, if you start class late, you will still be responsible for all course material for the days you missed. It’s best to talk with your professor about any concerns.

We’re available to help at if you’re a new student or if you’re a current student. Reach out with questions or call 757-822-1111.

If you still can’t make it work, don’t despair. TCC offers 12-week and eight-week class sessions and you’ve got time to sign up for those. Twelve-week classes begin on Sept. 21.

TCC’s second session of eight-week classes begins on Oct. 21.

Whether it’s 16-, 12- or eight-week classes, you still receive the same number of credits. The shorter sessions are just more condensed options.

 See you in class this fall!