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You can enroll in classes 100% online

While we’re happy to serve you in person at Tidewater Community College, you can also enroll in classes for Summer Session and Fall Semester 100% online!

If you have questions along the way:

Any student needing assistance can call 757-822-1122 and select option #4 or email

Returning students can follow these enrollment steps:

Login to SIS

Click on Self Service

Click on Student Center

Under the Academics Heading, click on Enroll. Make sure that your user preferences are set to the institution (TCC) and term (summer or fall) for which you wish to enroll and/or pay tuition.

Select the Term to enroll from the list shown, then click on CONTINUE.

If you know it, enter the five-digit class Number of the first lecture class from the enrollment worksheet; click Enter.  If the course requires a Permission Number, enter your permission number in the box and click on NEXT.

If you do not have the five-digit class numbers for the classes you wish to take, you can search for classes by clicking Class Search under the Find Classes heading. Click on SearchEnter the search criteria. View class listings and when you find the class you wish to take, click on Select Class. Click on NEXT to add that class to your Shopping Cart.

When you have selected all your classes, scroll below your class listings and click on Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

On the confirm classes screen, view all your classes and click Finish Enrolling to have these classes added to your schedule. If you do not follow this step, you are not enrolled.

If you have errors, a message will provide information that will tell you why that class cannot be added to your schedule.  Click on Add Another Class, this will return you to your shopping cart, click on the trash can icon in the delete column to remove the classes that could not be added to your schedule.

To enroll in a class with a required lab, enter the class # for the Lecture section and click on Enter. A Related Class Sections screen will open providing a list of the available lab sections. Click on the circle in the left column to select your related lab section. Click on NEXT and follow the prompts above to continue the enrollment process.

If you are a new degree-seeking student and you are ready to enroll in classes, you can follow the above steps, however, you must first make an appointment with an academic advisor. If you do not wish to come to campus in person, you can email and request an online appointment. You can also make your own virtual appointment by logging onto SIS and following these directions.

The first tuition deadline for summer session is April 27 by 11 p.m.

The first tuition deadline for fall semester is Aug. 3 at 11 p.m.