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TCC honored for its efforts in higher education sustainability

The award recognizes higher education institutions, businesses and health care, real estate and government organizations for sustainability best practices. Virginia Commonwealth University and Washington and Lee University were also higher education award winners.

TCC continues to be a leader in energy and sustainability with solutions that reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. The college strives to incorporate environmentally friendly designs into its master plan, which most recently included new construction on the Virginia Beach Campus. The Joint-Use Library, the result of a partnership between TCC and the City of Virginia Beach, achieved LEED Gold certification. The library opened in August 2013.

Other highlights from the Virginia Beach Campus: the new Virginia Beach Student Center, constructed on a retention pond, boasts a design emphasizing consciousness of the environment with an effort toward a reduced carbon footprint. Parking lights on the campus were recently upgraded to LED.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Commonwealth University hosted the 2014 Energy and Sustainability Conference at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The conference’s higher education subcommittee selected TCC as a winner.