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TCC music graduate is living his dream

Terrance Howell has come full circle.

He grew up traveling the country with his musical family, The Scotts. Now he is running his own record label, Revival Music Company, LLC.

“I basically grew up on tour buses traveling the country with my family who performed Southern gospel in churches and other venues. I fell in love with music, but coming from a family of musicians you can feel judged on a whole other level,” Howell said.

After high school, Howell chose a different path and pursued a career in law enforcement. He became a police officer for the City of Franklin. He was on the job for close to a decade and was up for promotion when he felt called to a new profession.

“I was serving subpoenas when I saw an old man rocking on his porch. He pulled himself up to a standing position and said, ‘When are you going to put down that gun and badge and start doing your real work?’

“I got chills. This was not the first time I felt called to a different profession. I had no doubt that God was calling me to return to my musical roots.”

Soon after, Howell enrolled in the music program at Tidewater Community College. He graduates on Dec. 19 with a Career Studies Certificate in Music and already works full time writing and producing music.

Terrance Howell in his own words

His first semester at the college, Howell made the President’s List.

“I got great grades and my passion was ignited. It took a giant leap of faith. But my wife was my biggest supporter,” Howell said.

He credits music program head Mark Denison with literally changing his life.

“He gave me the encouragement to pursue my passion and challenged me tremendously in my concept of music,” Howell said. “From the first day I stepped into his class it felt like family. The period would end, but he’d keep teaching because we wanted to know more.”

While at TCC, Howell also learned to play the piano and sight-read, both important skills needed when writing music.

In June, Howell launched Revival Music Company. The label’s first song, “Child of God,” performed by Revival Worship, is being played on 96 stations world-wide.

“Child of God” was written to honor the bravery and sacrifice of those who died during a shooting at a community college in Oregon.

“The cool thing about Revival Worship is that we are an unexpected mix of people who perfectly harmonize,” Howell said. “We’re friends coming together to make music about a loving God who saved us all by grace.”

The father of four with wife, Robin, Howell said that the burdens of life can weigh heavy as we get older.

“I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and do what they are passionate about,” he said. “That’s authentic. I had a lot of twists and turns, but I know that I’m on the right highway now.”