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TCC staffer pays it forward at the CMVE

Ed Sivells in the CMVE

Meet Ed Sivells. He is a proud Navy veteran who is paying it forward at TCC.

Sivells is one of the certifying officials for the Center for Military and Veterans Education (CMVE). Last week, he submitted the 1 millionth application to certify a military-related student for educational benefits through the Veterans Administration’s new enrollment management site.

To mark the occasion, Ed is being featured in a video for the VA. And sharing his story.

Sivells is a retired Navy senior chief petty officer. He was a culinary specialist who served the Office of the Secretary of Defense, preparing meals in the White House. He also spent time in Washington, D.C. as an enlisted aide to Admirals.

When he retired from the military, he came to TCC to earn an associate degree and landed a position as a work-study student in the CMVE. He became a full-time staff member in 2017. “I found my calling in this place. When I saw the opportunity to serve military members and their families, it sparked a passion in me.”

He added, “You can hear the sound of relief in their voices when we help them find a path forward. I know what it’s like to walk in their shoes and this job is my way of giving back.”

Sivells earned a Hospitality Management degree from TCC and a bachelor’s in business administration from Regent University.

Sivells encourages other veterans to follow in his footsteps. “TCC is a veteran-friendly school with people here to help. TCC made me feel comfortable in the transition from the military and I’m grateful. Now it’s my joy to make things happen for other members of the military community.”

For more information about the CMVE, visit here.