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TCC students draw success with Homearama 2013

Training students to work with clients and complete real-world projects are the goals of TCC’s Interior Design program. Last summer students took learning to the next level when they were invited to do the exterior renderings and floor plans for this year’s Homearama to be held in the Edinburgh development in Chesapeake Oct. 19 – Nov. 3.
A TCC interior design student works on drawing techniques with her instructor.
Instructor Ron Austin
works with a student
on drawing techniques.

Instructor Alex Reichardt was looking for a project for his advanced rendering class last winter so he contacted Tidewater Builders Association with the idea. Months later, the call came for TCC students to complete the renderings for Homearama 2013. “We started with CADD line drawings and some very basic presentation drawings,” explained Reichardt. “It was wonderful to see the students take bare bones and turn them into professional level work for this major building event.”

Students in Ron Austin’s advanced rendering class worked well past the end of their summer class to complete the project. Austin collected building material samples, color schemes and images of the homes being constructed to aid students in the project. “It was amazing to be able to work directly with these builders to be sure we were on track,” he said. “When students started to see success, we gained momentum, and the project moved forward very quickly.”

Students set up shop in the Interior Design spaces in the academic building on the Chesapeake Campus. They used artist markers and colored pencils to draw the seven featured homes. The drawings included finishing touches such as landscaping, walkways and blue skies.

Reichardt, an architectural design consultant added, “Our students did an amazing job using shading and texture techniques to make the drawings very realistic. We are so proud of their work.”

TCC interior design students and their instructor stand with their renderings and floorplans
Students Shaunette Howard, Nichole
Massey and Naomi Jones with
instructor Ron Austin.

“This project certainly prepared us well for future design jobs and deadlines,” said Michelle Faller, a second-year student. “It was a creative opportunity that enabled us to work together to hone styles and techniques, and the work may help us land a job once we complete our education.”

Student Shaunette Howard added, “This work made the field friendlier because we were working together for a singular goal. It was just another great opportunity in a program that features small class sizes and one-on-one attention.”

Participating students included: Margaret Andrews, Clara Britton, Shaunette Howard, Jill Johnson, Naomi Jones, Patrick Keane, Nagila Kimball, Nichole Massey, Tawanda Mayo, Jeanisha Phillips, Esther Pinner, Kathryn Ray, Theresa Rozier, Courtney Sheldon, Liezel Soloman, Catherine Stelman, Akisha Wheeler and  Christopher White.