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TCC’s trucking program cost less and was high quality

Dan ErwinName: Dan Erwin

Age: 31

Hometown: Norfolk

Employment: Truck driver for G&K Services, Portsmouth, since 2009

Certification: Graduated in 2007 with a Career Studies Certificate from TCC’s 16-credit, eight-week Truck Driving Program. Dan also earned his Class A Commercial Driver’s License through the program.

Why Tidewater Community College: Dan previously worked in a warehouse and was seeking a more secure, higher-paying opportunity. He had never driven a commercial truck before but considered TCC’s trucking program noting, “It’s something you can do relatively quickly and inexpensively that can lead to an increase in pay.”

His experience at TCC: “I liked the quality of the program. The classes weren’t too large, so you had plenty of time to become comfortable with the equipment and what was expected. The instructors were very knowledgeable, so that made it easy to pick up on the information and learn to maneuver the vehicle. They did an excellent job of delivering the information. I’ve heard different stories about other programs that cost more. TCC’s program was very affordable.”

Advice for a student considering a trucking career: “If you want to go into trucking, your schedule needs to be flexible. It’s not guaranteed that you will have a consistent work schedule.”

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