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Train to protect and serve in Principles of Criminal Investigations

Take a peek inside Principles of Criminal Investigation (ADJ 236)

Inside the classroom: Tidewater Community College students learn the fundamentals of criminal investigation procedures and techniques and learn from the real-world experiences shared by professors. They also examine crime scene search, collecting, handling and preserving of evidence. Students learn to use the latest in forensic technology as it relates to finger printing, blood, shoe impressions, castings, photography, facial recognition software and more.

Danielle Pillion and Maddie Gross display their recovered fingerprints in the forensics lab
Danielle Pillion and Maddie Gross display their
recovered fingerprints

Student voices: “This is what I want to do. I love science and forensics, and today we are actually doing what we’ve been learning about in lecture. This is the first time we’ve done fingerprinting work, and it’s great to get this hands-on experience.” – Jordan Rogers

“I love everything about this class. I’m interested in forensics and investigation techniques to catch criminals.” – Diamon Stephens

Why this class is sensational: “The hands-on activities we do in this class provide a multi-faceted approach to learning.

By working with the latest equipment in forensic technology, we’re helping students determine if this is right the career path for them.” – Mike Glendon, Criminal Justice instructor and retired Virginia Beach Police detective.