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U.S. Naval Community College and Tidewater Community College

Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies

The Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies program is designed for Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who are interested in becoming better enlisted leaders in logistics. This program helps you accomplish this by developing an understanding of logistics and supply chain management, including purchasing and inbound logistics; handling; warehousing; inventory and financial controls; and transportation.

Through the USNCC and TCC partnership the degree pathway also includes a Certificate in Naval Studies taught by the USNCC’s faculty and a Career Studies Certificate in Logistics taught by the faculty at TCC. The five-course Naval Studies Certificate provides a naval-relevant foundation to your lifelong educational journey.

Additionally, the Technical Studies degree comes with a Career Studies Certificate in Logistics, which is a seven-course program that builds skills in management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to more efficiently plan, implement, and control the flow and storage of goods, services, and information from origin to consumption through both theoretical and practical approaches to supply chain processes, purchasing, inventory, and warehouse management.

Finally, you will complete the intellectual skills requirements that round out your critical thinking and communication skills and ensure your degree is transferable.

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To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following criteria:
Active duty enlisted Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, or Coast Guard Reservist
High school diploma or equivalent

Not be within 3 months of service separation

Satisfy the admissions requirements for both USNCC & TCC

Naval Studies Certificate
NAV101 Naval Ethics and Leadership 3 Credits
NAV102 Modern Naval History 3 Credits
NAV103 Naval Force Design 3 Credits
NAV104 Civilian/Military Relations, Organization and American Government 3 Credits
NAV105 Introduction to the Geopolitical Environment 3 Credits
Intellectual Skills
ENG111 College Composition I 3 Credits
TBD Humanities Elective 3 Credits
TBD Social Science Elective 3 Credits
TBD Math or Lab Science Elective 3 or 4 Credits
Career Studies Certificate in Logistics
BUS100 Introduction to Business 3 Credits
BUS215 Purchasing & Materials Management 3 Credits
BUS223 Distribution & Transportation 3 Credits
BUS265 Ethical Issues in Management 3 Credits
BUS200 Principles in Management 3 Credits
BUS234 Supply Chain Management 3 Credits
BUS255 Inventory & Warehouse Management 3 Credits
Other Requirements
SDV100 College Success Skills 1 Credit
TBD General Electives and General Education Electives 9 or 10 Credits

The Associate of Applies Science in Technical Studies program transfers seamlessly to a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies – Leadership Major at Old Dominion University.