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VAC exhibit features photo collection from Florida artist

Detail of "Desert Chicory" and "Vessel"

Tidewater Community College’s Visual Arts Center will host the solo exhibition “Kally Malcom: Staged Presence” from July 7 through Aug. 29.

In this program, artist Kally Malcom of Jacksonville, Fla., presents three distinct collections of photographs, including “Pictograph,” “Remains” and “Native Sun: The Flora of Sawmill Slough Preserve.” In each of the works, the University of North Florida assistant professor effectively staged an unusual combination of objects, resulting in imagery that is narrative and symbolic.

In “Pictograph,” memories of the artist are presented in the form of subtle underlying stories, as common objects, vivid colors and lively patterns function as metaphors. Intentionally vague, these symbols offer a rich visual experience while avoiding literal meaning.

The black and white pinhole series “Remains” contrasts the complexity of the natural world with the surety of our constructed interiors. Featuring meticulously formed still life paintings, treasured objects represent comfort, safety and personal choice while the threatening and uncertain world is kept at bay.

Works in “Native Sun: The Flora of Sawmill Slough Preserve” have been created using the lumen photographic process to document the delicate flora samples collected within the 382-acre habitat. The imagery is neither purely scientific nor purely aesthetic, which pushes the boundaries of science and visual art.

Galleries are free and open to the public.

For information, call Shelley Brooks at 757-822-1878.